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Please read these guidelines carefully. Submitting an entry that does not meet our criteria may delay the judging process or even disqualify your entry. 

Before you submit, please make sure that you prepare all the required files.

Books are submitted digitally. You will need a complete PDF file of your book's manuscript and a PDF or JPG digital image of your cover consistent with the industry. You will need to submit the full spread to include the back cover, spine, and front cover.

You also need the ISBN, the Publisher (the 'Published by' name as it is officially registered with the ISBN agency, including any entity, LLC, if applicable), and the year published.


Entries must have a valid ISBN and include the year published within the book. Publication dates eligible for this year are 2022, 2023, or 2024

Books must be submitted in PDF format only; all other formats are not acceptable.

Cover Art must be the full spread of your book’s press-ready art, including front, back, and spine. PDF or professional JPG only. A photo of your book is not acceptable. 

eBooks must be submitted in PDF format. ePub, Mobi, html, or other ebook file formats will not be assigned to judges or reviewed.

Previous titles entered in FAPA President’s Book Awards may not be reentered.

FAPA board members are permitted to enter books in the awards competition.

All contest categories will close at Midnight EST on April 30, 2024.



This form contains fields for both the author and publisher. Please complete all fields. 

Make sure that the author’s address is correct. In the event the author wins a medal and does not attend the awards ceremony, the medal will be mailed to the address listed on the submission form unless the author notifies FAPA of a change of address prior to the awards ceremony. 

If you are self-published, please use the ‘Published by’ name as it is officially registered with the ISBN agency including any entity (LLC) if applicable. This information will be included on winning certificates. 

01 Adult Fiction: Adventure—Books in this category are action-packed, often centered around a trip, journey, or quest, usually in an unfamiliar or dangerous environment.

02 Adult Fiction: Anthology/Collection—Books in this category include any collection of selected writings or short stories by one or more authors.

03 Adult Fiction: Fantasy/Occult—Books in this category include magical, mythical, paranormal, or supernatural creatures or beings, and/or other unusual characters, settings, or experiences that lack scientific explanation.

04 Adult Fiction: Historical—Books in this category draw the reader into a fictional experience based on real people or events of the past.

05 Adult Fiction: Mystery/Suspense—Books in this category are centered around crime or detective work; tension and apprehension are created by unpredictability.

06 Adult Fiction: Romance—Books in this category showcase a central love story where two characters overcome adversity in an attempt to obtain their happily ever after.

07 Adult Fiction: Sci-Fi—Books in this category involve other-worldly or futuristic societies and advanced technology.

08 Adult Fiction: Thriller/Horror—Books in this category are scary and terrifying with an action-packed plot and seemingly impossible situations, which may include violence and gore.

09 Arts/Entertainment—Books in this category explain topics such as visual art, film, music, and dance histories, critiques, materials, methodology, etc.

10 Autobiography/Memoir—Books in this category recount a true story of the author's life or a portion of the author's life.

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11 Biography—Books in this category chronicle a true story about another real person's life, career, or accomplishments.

12 Business/Technology—Books in this category focus on organizing and improving business operations, utilizing technology, and/or business leadership.

13 Coffee Table—Books in this category are large (minimum 8"x10") hard-cover books with aesthetically-pleasing covers, ideal for display on a table. Contents include photographs, images, and/or stand-alone chapters.

14 Coloring/Activity Book—Books in this category consist of pages for adults or children to color or complete word games, puzzles, or other activities.

15 Cookbook/Home & Garden—Books in this category include recipes, gardening, or other related topics.

16 Education/Pedagogy—Books in this category detail methodology and techniques of teaching, theoretical aspects of education, or practical advice for parents, teachers, or administrators.

17 Fitness/Health—Books in this category encompass ideas, plans, or breakthroughs regarding diet/weight loss, exercise, mental health, medical advancements, or other related topics.

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18 History—Books in this category describe factual accounts about events or people of the past.

19 How-To/Instructional/Self-Help—Books in this category instruct readers on how to do a craft, hobby, or other specific task.

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20 Humor/Comedy—Books in this category are funny or comical narratives and may include parody, irony, jokes, gags, etc.

21 Inspirational/Motivational—Books in this category are positive messages or stories that include uplifting and encouraging advice.

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22 Poetry—Books in this category primarily consist of poems by one or more authors.

23 Political/Current Events—Books in this category address current political situations or other newsworthy events.

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24 Reference—Books in this category provide guidance for research, historical study, genealogy, writing and grammar, and other informational sources.

25 Religion/Spirituality—Books in this category pertain to religious or spiritual topics.

26 Science/Nature—Books in this category deal with any of the sciences (physics, biology, astronomy, etc.) or the natural world (animals, plants, rivers, etc.).

27 Sports/Recreation—Books in this category discuss teams, rules, techniques, or sports histories and/or individual and group activities involving competitive games or physical recreation.

28 Travel/Geography—Books in this category contain travel guides, reviews of destinations, travel hacks, or detailed information about specific places.

29 Children: Prereader/Picture Book—Books in this category are 50 to 1,000-word narratives told in a visual and verbal book format (pictures are necessary to propel the story) intended to be read to children ages 2–4 or read by children ages 5–8. Winning medals will be awarded to the author and the illustrator.

30 Children: Beginning Reader—Books in this category are 200 to 1,500-word easy-to-read books with illustrations, simple words, and short sentences (words stand on their own, but pictures help to remind the reader of the story), relevant to beginning readers ages 5–8. Winning medals will be awarded to the author and the illustrator.

31 Children: Chapter Book—Books in this category are 1,500 to 15,000-word stories using language and content relevant to readers ages 7–10 and divided into short chapters. May contain illustrations to enhance the story. May be fiction or nonfiction.

32 Middle Grades: Fiction—Books in this category are 15,000 to 50,000-word fictional stories including age-appropriate, imaginary content and characters relevant to readers ages 9–13. May include some illustrations to engage or entertain the reader.

33 Middle Grades: Realistic/Historical Fiction—Books in this category are fictional stories that are based on real people or events. May contain illustrations or photographs to entertain the reader or to clarify perceptions. Content is relevant to readers ages 9–13.

34 Middle Grades: Nonfiction—Books in this category present real-world facts and information relevant to readers ages 9–13. May contain illustrations or photographs that help to explain concepts.

35 Young Adult: Fiction—Books in this category include any Young Adult fictional story, including sci-fi/fantasy, romance, historical fiction, etc., relevant to readers ages 13–18.

36 Young Adult: Non-Fiction—Books in this category are true stories relevant to readers ages 13–18.

37 Cover Design: Children—This is the cover design category for any genre of children's book. Winning medals will be awarded to the author and the cover designer.

38 Cover Design: Middle Grades—This is the cover design category for any genre of Middle Grades book. Winning medals will be awarded to the author and the cover designer.

39 Cover Design: Young Adult—This is the cover design category for any Young Adult book genre. Winning medals will be awarded to the author and the cover designer.

40 Cover Design: Adult—This is the cover design category for any Adult book genre. Winning medals will be awarded to the author and the cover designer.

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