FAPA (Florida Authors & Publishers Association)

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Each year the Florida Authors and Publishers Association (FAPA) sponsors the FAPA President’s Book Awards, which recognizes book publishing excellence and creativity in design, content, and production for authors and publishers. This year we have opened the competition from North America only to the English-speaking world. We hope to encourage entries from all who share our complex and wonderful language. 

Finalists are chosen by publishing professionals and librarians from both within and outside of Florida and are announced at the President’s Book Awards Banquet the first weekend of August.

Is this an important achievement?

"Thank you so much for the bronze medal that I received from your prestigious Florida Authors and Publishers Association. Writing a children’s book has been a joy and your award has made that an even better experience."                                 Diana Braddom, 2021 Bronze Medalist in Children’s Picture Books for Margot’s Missing Scrunchie

"As I continue to grow as an Author, I have learned that being part of our globally, recognized Florida Authors and Publishers Association has been both rewarding and beneficial promoting my books.  Currently, with twelve, FAPA medals and four, IBA Finalist medals, I always include the notation, "FAPA and IBA Award-winning Author" on my promo packets and materials. The FAPA organization has given me the opportunity to strive for releasing the very, best books possible while providing meaningful and inspirational stories for our youth.  It's great to have such an amazing, supportive organization behind you all the way!"  Deborah Burggraaf, 2021 FAPA Bronze Medal Author, BHANTE-The Corgi of O'side

"As a fledgling author, I am still somewhat amazed that a) people want to read my books and b) that they want to buy them.  However, the biggest kudos was to be told by FAPA that I had won an award.  The award ceremony and the chance to mix with and chat to other authors of all genres was an achievement that no one can take away from me.  Hopefully, I  will be able to repeat this in years to come.  Thank you FAPA." Valerie Crowe, Bronze medal 2021 winner for Are You A Dragon 

" Although my poems and essays have been professionally published for five decades, I didn’t come out with the book I’d always promised myself to write until last year. Winning a gold medal in your 2021 competition is the thrill and affirmation of a lifetime!  This is also the kind of honor I can and will use for publicity to increase sales and opportunities for readings. Thank you FAPA!"  Linda Albert, 2021 Medal winner and Author of Charting the Lost Continent, Poetry and Other Discoveries

"I wrote InstaGrateful to empower women to create the reality they most deeply desire, and the award from FAPA helped me achieve that goal by reaching additional readers and having a greater impact. The award honor was especially meaningful as InstaGrateful was my first book in the Self-Help genre and inspires me to continue writing." Sheri Fink, 2021 Bronze Medal for InstaGrateful: Finding Your Bliss in a Social Media World

GUIDELINES: Please read the following fine print carefully, submitting the wrong file of format may make it impossible for our judges to review your work. PDFs are preferred, .epub files are not acceptable. Cover Art should be all or at least the front cover of your book's press-ready art, a photo of your book is not acceptable. 

Acceptable publishing dates for books submitted for the President’s Book Awards will be books with a copyright date from 2020 to 2022. 

  • Books/eBooks must have a valid ISBN and include the year published within the book. eBooks may have an ASIN in lieu of ISBN.
  • FAPA membership is not required for entry, although FAPA members receive a $20 discount off the standard rate at the end of the Early Bird period. Join FAPA at https://myfapa.org/join-fapa/ 
  • Previous award-winning titles of  FAPA President’s Book Awards may not be re-entered
  • FAPA board members are able to enter books in the awards competition.
  • eBooks should be submitted in PDF format. 
  • All contest categories will finally close at Midnight, April 30.
  • The Florida Authors and Publishers Award represents examples of excellence in writing as well as publishing. Books with notable flaws in editing or are missing major elements of book design are not likely to receive an award.
  • Please note we have re-introduced the Category, Adult Education. 


  • All entries in each category will be considered by three judges.
  • Librarians, book industry professionals, and educators from Florida and multiple other states will judge content, theme, layout, and cover design elements.
  • The Cover categories and Illustration categories will be judged by practicing professionals in that field with a demonstrated competence.
  • After judging closes, some entries will receive judges' comments that may be available to assist in marketing or in improving your work. These reviews may be requested following the announcement of medal winners at the end of July 2022. Judges' comments used for marketing must get the approval of the particular judge. We can assist with that contact.


  • Books are submitted digitally. At the time of your submission, you will need a complete PDF or Doc(x) file of your book to be uploaded that represents the interior of the book containing all materials from the front pages before Chapter 1 through to any epilogue or index materials. 
  • You will also need a high-quality (300 dpi minimum) PDF or JPG digital image of your front cover consistent with industry specifications. For the Cover Desing Categories, this image should contain the full spread of Back, Spine, and Front, excluding trim, although a publisher's proof sheet may be substituted if it is a pdf.
FAPA (Florida Authors & Publishers Association)