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Children's Book Illustration has been included to recognize the talents of the artists who bring children's books to life for pre-readers and early readers. There are famous examples of children's book authors who are also the artistic creators behind those pages. There are many more that rely on the special talents of an artist who bring the imagination of the author to the page in concrete, or whimsical, or often very real illustration. The category is open to books entered into the early reader categories.

GUIDELINES: Acceptable publishing dates for books submitted for the President’s Book Awards will be books with a copyright date from 2019 to 2021.  

  • Books/eBooks must have a valid ISBN and include the year published within the book. eBooks may have an ASIN in lieu of ISBN.
  • FAPA membership is not required for entry, although FAPA members receive a $20 discount off the standard rate at the end of the Early Bird period.  Join FAPA at https://myfapa.org/join-fapa/ 
  • Previous award-winning titles of FAPA President’s Book Awards may not be re-entered. Award-winning titles that did not compete in the cover category in previous years may enter the appropriate cover design category.
  • FAPA board members are able to enter books in the awards competition.


  • All entries will be considered by three judges.
  • Graphic artists noted in the field and past award-winning designers will be judging the Children's Book Illustration category.
  • Illustration is a separate judged category from the literary or cover design categories and must be submitted on the aspects of the illustration alone. Books may be submitted by the interior graphic artist, the author, or publisher of the book with or without the book to be submitted for its literary content.
  • Physical submissions of books will not be judged or returned.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.